Half a million people produce less waste thanks to us.

The best waste is that one, which is never produced.

By 2020 we aim to become a leader in innovative technologies and equipment for waste management by helping to reduce solid waste and thereby prevent waste disposal.

We are a young team of people who care about the environment and are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the waste management of our countries. Our mission is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste, prevent its occurrence and increase sorting.

We emphasize the prevention of biodegradable waste. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to support domestic composting. Because by composting, people process biowaste directly in their gardens,  biowaste no longer has to travel so far to landfills.

The idea „For Less Waste“ is spreading especially with local authorities where we are a comprehensive supplier of products, smart systems, technologies and information campaigns to help prevent bio-waste. We also run the largest online store for composters and accessories in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.

Our solutions have had a positive impact on over 500,000 inhabitants and we are a partner to more then 450 villages and towns in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.

JRK company founders

  • Mojmír Jiřikovský

    executive director

  • Nina Oravcová

    executive director

  • Marián Kobolka

    executive director

Our values


we are constantly looking for extraordinary solutions for efficient waste management.


we try to provide the most accurate and most truthful information, not only for our partners but also for ourselves.


we respect the opinion, approach and work of everyone.


we promise only what we can accomplish. We take a professional approach to each task.

Doing our best

every day we put 150% of our efforts into fulfilling your vision. We want to constantly learn and improve.


we appreciate the effort, help, outcomes, approach, support and innovative thinking of our colleagues, partners, towns/villages and people.

Our partners

Let’s work together!

Together we can improve the environment and the future of our neighbourhoods!

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