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Waste management is a significant part of the budget of each municipality. Municipal waste containers are usually filled with biodegradable waste. This biowaste can not be in communal waste bins. So, municipalities are unnecessarily paying for something they do not need.

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First step: municipalities start to sort biowaste

1.We introduce composting of biowaste in garden composters in family houses.


2. For flats and high rises blocks we recommend sorting of kitchen waste door-to-door system.

  • Effective collection of kitchen waste into small baskets and compostable bags.
  • Brown containers placed in front of flats.
  • Transport of kitchen waste to a general composting plant and hygienisation in a CSC container.


3. Modern equipment for composting plants

Municipalities can compost biowaste from public areas in a municipal composting plant through modern facilities.

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4.Kitchen waste is processed by electric composters 

Municipalities, such as founders of schools, nurseries or social care facilities (which manage catering services), can easily optimize their cost for kitchen waste, thanks to GreenGood electric composters

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Second step: we aim to reduce the amount of landfilled waste

When biodegradable waste is already solved in the village, it is time to increase the sorting rate of other waste components. An effective tool is to introduce electronic waste monitoring (PAYT system). A motivation system, on the one hand, motivates citizens to be responsible for sorting waste, and the municipality, on the other hand, gains useful information about state of their waste.

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