The best waste is that one, which is never produced.

Stylish and functional waste prevention.

Households make the decision about how much waste ends up in landfills. Sorting and preventing waste is a habit that can be learned easily.

We inspire households to produce less waste.

We recommend households to prefer practical equipment for everyday life that supports the idea of waste prevention. For example:

  • water bottles packaged in PET bottles can be exchanged for healthy bottles (bottles are designed for multiple use and recycling),
  • replace plastic bags from supermarkets with cotton bags,
  • place a biowaste collection basket with biodegradable bags in your kitchen (this solution will greatly support the biowaste sorting),
  • place a garden composter in the garden,
  • try vermicomposting as an alternative way of composting biowaste – for families living in a flat.

domacnosti zdrave flase platene sacky jrk

vermikompostovanie kuchynskeho odpadu jrk


Colorfully sorting

If waste is generated in households, it needs to be sorted out. Home sorting can be practical and stylish.  Colored waste sorting containers refresh interiors and motivate people to sort waste.

Good Tip: The containers need to be always handy so that sorting is effective.

triedenie odpadov v domacnosti jrk


Households and municipalities on the way to zero waste


Residents in family houses compost their biowaste in garden composters.


Municipalities and cities have an established waste sorting system "house-to-house".

Sorting and motivation

Citizens are motivated to sort waste thanks an electronic waste motivation system.

Pay for what you throw out (PAYT system)

Municipalities and cities are gradually introducing a PAYT system that is fair to every household. Even with such a practical tool, households sort out more waste and compost biowaste simply and comfortably. Responsible access to waste is positively reflected not only in the environment but also in family budgets.

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