Reduce the amount of kitchen waste
and compost in just 24 hours.

Reduce the weight of kitchen waste by up to 90%.

Our electric composters for raw and cooked leftovers of all kinds of food are the only legal alternative to compulsory waste collection. They convert waste into ecological and nourishing fertilizer in just 24 hours. You get to help the environment and save money on waste collection.

elektricke kompostery greengood jrk

Our electric composters GreenGood:

  • process raw and cooked food waste of all types of meals in a range 0.1kg – 1000kg to organic and nutritious substrate – compost, within 24 hours (compost can be mixed directly into the soil)
  • reduce the amount of kitchen waste by up to 90% (from 1 kg of kitchen waste is generated 10dkg of compost)
  • are an alternative to obligatory waste collection,
  • are located directly in the interior,
  • do not produce smelly and harmful gases (equipped with nanotechnology filters)
  • work fully automatically (after the basic training, every employee – from operator to chef can manage them)
  • are designed so that it is not necessary add the ACIDULO microorganisms (Microorganisms are inserted only one time – when the electrical compost is first started).

Electric composters in practice

Tomáš Andel, owner of Café La Reunion and co-operative in Trnava

How we can help you


We review your current situation and suggest improvements.

The right choice

We help you to choose the most suitable electric composter.


We help you with the installation and reporting of new composters to state institutions.

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